Several technologies have stunned the world over the last two decades. These technologies include the World Wide Web, cloud computing, smartphones, and social media. Now comes a technology that has the potential to disrupt the global economic system, and this technology is Blockchain technology. This technology is still new, and most people don’t have much knowledge about it. The potential of this technology is demonstrated by the world's most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Blockchain technology gave birth to dozens of cryptocurrencies over the last few years. The best thing about these currencies is that most of them are decentralized. These currencies received the attention of big investors who have and continue to secure positions for the anticipated wave of mass adoption. The total market capitalization of crypto currencies reached new heights in 2017/2018, reaching over $440 billion during last week of December 2017. There was significant volatility in 2018, demonstrating the need for innovations such as META 1 Coin.

The 36,000% increase in the value of any commodity seems impossible, but Ripple increased by 36,000% in 2019 which made it by far the best investment option of 2019.

META 1 has taken crypto to the next level by not just transforming from a fiat US Dollar to a fiat Private Digital Currency, but has created a Smart Coin with collateral, and a Market Witness incorporating external market feeds. META 1 is the next generation of Collateralized, Smart Private Digital Currency.