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The earliest concept of the United States Dollars was that they were backed by gold. This concept of “gold backed” has not been valid since 1933 and further complete removal in 1982.

Currently, the US Dollar is called a Fiat Currency because the only backing is the “Good Faith” of the United States Corporation. Yes, the United States is a Corporation, not a Government as you may believe.

The United States Corporation has not audited the Federal Reserve or the United States Treasury. When they attempt to audit several years ago the Federal Reserve could not locate 4 Trillion US Dollars.

If you research further you will learn that the Federal Reserve is a Private Bank that has no traditional checks and balances by any of the three branches of the United States Corporation.

So some would start to question the Good Faith and who is actually running the US Corporation and Monetary policy.

Research these high-level concepts for yourself. It’s a deep “Rabbit hole” as it has been said.

Now in the era of the block-chain with smart contracts, all incorruptible transnational technologies, no man can pervert the transaction called “Cryptocurrency”. This exchange now occurs “peer to peer” without organizations such as the Federal Reserve. Smart contracts eliminate the involvement of the US Treasury, including the State and Federal Banking structures.

Now, this is progress that is of benefit to Humanity.

Why is META 1 Coin the Perfected Smart Private Digital Currency? META 1 is not a Fiat Crypto. META 1 is fully secured by gold bonds.

So why assets? Well, to have a physical representation of wealth is an investment that has increased over the past 100 years. Gold's performance over the past two years is about 12% increase. We like that!

So then place a currency….one secured by this asset on the blockchain, an incorruptible technology, and we have created the finest currency… META 1.

META 1 Coin sales are used to purchase more gold to continually increase the coin value.

META 1 Coin is going to be a fun ride with a destination of abundance for all participants… Join Us.



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